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Antenna Booster Decal. Some Love and Some think it's a joke cellular phone signal booster decals. How do these antenna boosters work?

Antenna Booster Decal
Antenna Booster Decal
Item# Antennabooster-ICE
Store Price: $19.99
Online Special: $2.99
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Product Description

Antenna Booster Decal
WARNING: The FCC has ordered the manufacturer of this product to STOP MAKING CLAIMS THAT IT WORKS!

On the other hand, millions are still being sold and I have tested this product personally.

I worked at the worlds leading antenna research and manufacturing company and tested this product in one of our antiquate testing chambers (Rangestar.com).


Much to our amazement, the Hewlett Packard spectrum analyzer showed a 1db gain in transmission. We contributed these findings to an increased ground plain that allowed the RF signal propagation to use the metallic of this antenna as a springboard. Thus, increasing the amount of RF transmission to reach the cell site.
In addition, we get letters all the time from customers claiming that they got better reception.
Antenna booster as sold in Target and on Television for $19.99.

The Cell Phone Signal Antenna Booster is redefining how a cell phone works. The Cell Phone Antenna Booster provides advanced send and receive capabilities, thanks to the superior antenna propagation patterns and the electrical efficiency of its design. Major carriers and independent test labs have proven the booster.

  • Reduces dropped calls by up to 80%
  • Lower bit error rates providing superior call quality
  • Increases transmission range by 10% to 100% or more



I gave one to my son and I put one on my cell phone too. Neither one of us noticed any change in cell phone signal. You are buying a thin plastic decal with some gold paint on it, that's all. I had better results by standing on one foot and jumping up and down!

I didn't think this product would work. But for the low price I decided to give it a try. I live in an rural area and my calls drop constantly. I placed 2 antenna boosters on my phone in an area of my house where I normally receive 1 bar and after placing the two antennas my bars jumped to 4. I walked around my house and continued to have more than 2 bars which isn't normal in my house. When we make or receive a call on our cell phones while in the house we need to stay perfectly still or else we might as well tell the caller good bye.

To whom it may concern;

I received a signal boster in the accessary pack, I just wanted to let someone know that the deviced worked. I was always dropping calls and now I can talk from my apartment.

Thank you. Mark McHXXXXX

This product works and I have purchases a bunch to give to friends and family for Christmas.

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